Podcast: Can we save SA’s restaurants and winelands?

A vital discussion on food and wine

By John Fraser

Recorded before the latest easing of the lockdown, but still of vital relevance, a top-tier panel chats about the Covid-19 impact on the food and wine sector and the SA government’s heavy-handed approach.

Joining me are lunch-out legend David Bullard, food and wine guru Michael Olivier, business strategist Duane Newman and Klerksdorp’s own James Lennox.

Listen, laugh and learn.

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One thought on “Podcast: Can we save SA’s restaurants and winelands?

  1. We can save the economy albeit might take long, provided there are concerted efforts by SA citizens, business and govt. SA people can start by stop being entitled, roll up their sleeves and get to work ; business can start investing seriously in local economy and stop exploiting people with their 100% profit margins & government should create a conducive political and legal environment for business and people to operate effectively

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