About the Newsletter

ZA Confidential provides concise, timely, authoritative and relevant comment on big business news and wine-related topics. The website also hosts the chatty and informative Die Vine Intervention wine-tasting podcasts.

About the Editor

John Fraser is a financial journalist who has been reporting major news stories for over three decades. He has worked for both of South Africa’s financial newspapers – Business Day and Business Report – and he hosted the highly successful Classic Business show on Classic fm for five years.

About the Experts

The Panel of Experts is composed of leading players in business, economics, the top think tanks, the wine world, and the analyst community.

To subscribe: e-mail zaconfidential@gmail.com</com

ZA Confidential is happy to enjoy support from IT superstar Malcolm MacDonald, Tersos’ Gantcho Mantchorov, and from veteran analyst Norman Mannheimer. </com

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