Podcast: Marketing SA wines. And tasting a couple from Lanzerac.

John Fraser hosts another podcast, which explores the opportunities and challenges of marketing SA wines around the world.  He is joined by Malcolm MacDonald from Clientele, Gumtree’s Jeff Osborne, and top economist Mike Schussler.

They also sniff and slurp two red wines from the Lanzerac Estate in Stellenbosch – the Merlot and the Pinotage.

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Die Vine Intervention: Spier Chenin Blanc & Creative Block #3

Legendary food and wine expert Michael Olivier has sourced another pair of Cape wines to delight and excite the palate.   They are the Spier 21 Gables Chenin Blanc 2015 and the 2014 Spier Creative Block Number 3.

John Fraser has donned his leathers, unfurled his whip (or is it a Spier?) and us determined to keep order with the Jo’burg studio panel – Cape Wine Master Debi van Flymen from Grapslave,  Philippa Rodseth from the Manufacturing Circle, manager and chef from Alfie’s pizzeria Nicky Geerts and Clientele’s Malcolm MacDonald.

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Die Vine Intervention: Sara & Valentina from Gabrielskloof

Is house wine horrible?    It can be.   But we try two house wines which are really enjoyable.  They come from Alfie’s Pizzeria in Pretoria, which done a great job at sourcing the wines, and they were brought to the tasting by Nicky Geerts, who manages the restaurant.

The first we glugged was the Sara, a Savignon Blanc from the Gabrielskloof Wine Estate: the second is a 2014 Shiraz, the Valentina.  Michael Olivier presented the wines.

Other tasters are Philippa Rodseth from the Manufacturing Circle, Cape Wine Master Debi van Flymen from Grapeslave,  and Clientele’s Malcolm MacDonald.

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Die Vine Intervention: Fairview Darling Sauvignon Blanc & Shiraz


We are back with another podcast, with a visit to the ever-popular Fairview Estate.   The always fair and never fierce Michael Olivier introduces the 2016 Darling Sauvignon Blanc and the 2014 Shiraz.

John Fraser is in charge of the Jo’burg rabble, who are Cape Wine Master Debi van Flymen from Grapeslave, Nicky Geerts from Pretoria’s Alfie’s Pizzeria and Deli, the Voice of Manufacturing Philippa Rodseth from the Manufacturing Circle and technical wizz Malcolm MacDonald from Clientele, who also hosted the tasting.

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Die Vine Intervention: Fleur du Cap. Noble Late Harvest

Noble and not that often late Michael Olivier talks us through another Cape sweetie: the Fleur du Cap Noble Late Harvest 2013.

The tasting panel was hosted by John Fraser consists of Prospoa’s Dino Fagas, Tersos’ Gantcho Mantchorov  and Absa’s sharpest tongue Chris Gilmour.

Malcolm Mac Donald provided the technical flair.

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Die Vine Intervention: Nuy Rooi Muscadel

The tasting panel returns with a sweet and luscious Rooi Muscadel from Nuy, introduced with his usual flair and authority by the sweet and luscious Michael Olivier.

The Johannesburg studio avoids all sour notes with Absa’s Chris Gilmour, Tersos’ Gantcho Mantchorov and Prosopa’s Dino Fagas.

John Fraser was in charge of the bad jokes, while Malcolm MacDonald applied his technical magic.

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Die Vine Intervention: Eenzaamheid

Michael Olivier presents two wines from Eenzaamheid to a top panel of tasters.  On offer are the 2015 Vin Blanc and the 2014 Cuvee.

John Fraser sips away with legendary brander Jeremy Sampson, legendary economist Mike Schussler and Clientele’s Malcolm MacDonald.

There is also a chat on the thorny issues of restaurant wine prices and corkage.

The tasting podcast awaits you:

Die Vine Intervention: Wilderer Fynbos Gin

For a change, our star tasters have moved to a different delight – the Wilderer Fynbos Gyn.

John Fraser welcomes Dino Fagas from Prosopa restaurant, Absa Analyst Chris Gilmour and Tersos’ Gantcho Mantchorov.

Once again, Malcolm MacDonald handled the technical side of the recording.

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Die Vine Intervention: Boschendal Sommelier Selection Chenin Blanc and Pinotage

Michael Olivier, who needs no introduction and won’t get one, presents a pair of wines from Boschendal’s Sommelier Selection – the Chenin Blanc and Pinotage.

John Fraser keeps order in the Johannesburg studio with terrific tasters Jeremy Sampson, Mike Schussler and Malcom MacDonald.

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Die Vine Intervention: Joostenberg Chenin Blanc and Syrah

Wine wizard Michael Olivier presents a pair from Joostenberg to our tasting panel.  These are the Agteros Chenin Blanc 2015 and Klippe Kou Syrah 2013.  There is also a discussion on how to educate yourself on wines – where to get advice, information and a few tasting samples.

The tasting panel are brazen brander Jeremy Sampson, superstar economist Mike Schussler and IT expert Malcolm MacDonald.

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