Should we be Beaming About New Satellite TV?

I for one welcome the news that there could soon be a new free satellite TV service for SA consumers, which might help to break the monopoly of DSTV. Of course the devil is in the schedule. We already know that you can have 100+ channels but there just ain’t much you want to watch…. What do our experts say?

Massmart CEO Grant Pattison:

I think there is plenty of room for more competition in this market, with such a large market share held by a single player. Prices should come down.

Duncan McLeod of Tech Central::

South Africa desperately needs more competition in the television broadcasting space. There is limited choice in free-to-air broadcasting (no new national broadcaster has been licensed since, and in pay television the market is thoroughly dominated by one player in MultiChoice. Introducing a free-to-air satellite player should add an interesting dynamic to the market ahead of the licensing of new terrestrial broadcasters on the upcoming digital platform. For consumers, all these developments mean more choice and should help keep the incumbent broadcasters on their toes..

Telemasters’ CEO Mario Pretorius:

Like bread and circus of the yore, the modern populace is soothed by cellular loquacity and televised mindlessness. As long as the bootless and unhorsed can be calmed by 20 more free TV channels, everyone should be happy – living vicariously is second best to the life of Riley and infinitely preferable than crouching on a koppie in Marikana with a grudge. Bring on the channels, broadcast the waves, the people need their opiates. Down with SABC state propaganda, down with the DSTV Capitalists – eFree shall reign.

Malcolm MacDonald from Tersos:

An additional Satellite TV service in South Africa now, even one that addresses a different set of needs, could be beneficial. But a large part of their investment in satellite broadcast technology will have a limited lifespan in my opinion due to IP TV, which must replace satellite TV at some point. IP is the great leveller, which has over-promised until now, but with the advent of Telkom’s VDSL, it will now start to change broadcasting in South Africa. A new satellite service may have longevity if they target the population who do not have good internet service, but then that part of the population do not have a lot of disposable income to spend on entertainment anyway.


It is always nice to get something for free, and, putting aside the cost of the decoder, I am sure many South Africans will be curious to see what is offered. Put a few porn channels on the satellite and you can be assured many will be clutching their remotes into the early hours of each morning….

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Royal baby, royal baby and more bloody royal baby…… twitter is to be avoided.

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