The Don’ts and Don’ts of Office Sex

Office romances are in the news at the moment, with a certain trade union leader indulging in the wrong sort of congress.  But this is a serious issue, can ruin careers, and we must never forget that if there is harassment or worse, there will be a victim.  ZA Confidential asked some of our experts about how to handle things if there is attraction in the office, and this is what they had to say….

Jeff Osborne – Former CEO of the RMI, now heading up Gumtree Auto ZA:

It is common cause that many relationships have started in the work place.  Perhaps this is not surprising,  given the circumstances,  which are indeed highly conducive to getting to know someone. You see them at their best and on occasion at their worst.  There is of course a level of intimacy and more time together than is likely to occur during social circumstances. However,  there is much sensitivity surrounding work place relationships. Firstly,  it behoves the more senior person to ensure that the junior does not enjoy any special favour or preference. Then I believe that once the relationship becomes permanent,  then it is probably better if the one or the other seeks  employment elsewhere.

Mario Prerorius – CEO Telemasters:

Power attracts and subservience entices. This is and has been a potent cocktail through the ages. Many men fail to grasp the limits of authority that power brings. Worse, if the enticement flows upwards, it could be horribly tough to resist and terribly calamitous to succumb. One could see such attraction as a stern test, like an envelope full of cash, needing a new home. Resist it and get rid of the source – you. Whipping out a picture of the loving wife will get the message across if you’re spoken for, and introducing the Lolita to your hottest bud will send the signals. Its a no-no; it will get complicated. If after 6 months of abstinence the vibes still roast rocks, reconsider and then bet the house. It’s been known to work, but not as a casual heave-ho. Good luck

Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, CEO of Jack Hammer recruitment:

Don’t go there! It can only end miserably, for both parties.


It is natural that people will be attracted to workplace colleagues, and this can lead to romance.  However, the dynamics of an office environment may lead to the abuse of power and seniority.  If there is mutual attraction, and a desire to develop the relationship, it would be best for one of the parties to move out of the office.  And any boss who is not aware of the potential of blackmail and repercussions of getting intimate with an employee…..may not be the best person to lead the organisation.

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