Shoprite Surging Ahead

Although I am currently boycotting my local Checkers after astounding rudeness from a manger, I did go along to the holding company Shoprite’s results presentation today – as CEO Whitey Basson always puts on a good show. While I have little faith in his decision to enlist foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay to promote his meat and cheese, I do see him as one of the more impressive and outspoken of our business leaders. Shoprite is doing well, in a very tough and competitive local environment, and crucially is also continuing to expand in Africa. The results for the year to June included a 12.1 rise in turnover, with headline earnings a share up 11.3 percent, and a gain in market share. But what did our experts have to say?

We spoke to Independent analyst Ian Cruickshanks, Ron Klipin from Cratos Capital, and Jacques Theron from Absa Investments:

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