Do We Need a New Coal-Fired Power Station

Cabinet decided this week that there will be a triplet sibling for the two coal-fired power stations currently under construction – Medupi and Kusile. This new project, currently dubbed Coal 3, will start up once the current two plants have been completed. Coal-powered plants are polluting and the decision to build another one appears to be anti-green. However, given the power constraints in ZA, maybe this decision was inevitable?

We got expert comment from Mike Schussler, Duane Newman and Andrew Kenny.

Tweets of the day:

Fake Dispatch (@Fake_Dispatch): A bar walks into a bartender. The horse says, "You’re not good at telling jokes, are you?"

Duncan McLeod (@mcleodd): Three 24-hour news channels on a premium satellite platform that reaches a limited audience in a developing economy. Okay, then…

Frans Cronje (@FCronje_SAIRR): Well done to @AgangSA leader for saying it’s ok to be wealthy and that Mandela was not a poor man. It needed to be said.

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