Deloitte Technology Predictions. #TMTPredictions2014

Oversized smartphones, which the geeks call phablets, are set to overtake tablets.
This is according to Deloitte’s TMT predictions, a global technology trend analysis which was released in Johannesburg today.
“Phablets – an oversized smartphone that’s part cellphone, part tablet, will outsell tablets by $25 billion, and the total global sales of smartphones, tablets, PCs, TV sets and gaming consoles will exceed $750 billion in 2014 and then plateau as consumer usage will continue to converge,” Deloitte announced.
Phablet sales will reach a quarter of smartphones sold. These devices work better with some Asian languages, and also are better than smartphones for gaming.
It also predicted there will be a lucrative market in wearable technology devices, such as glasses, watches and fitness bands.
Smartphone growth will be strongest among the over 55s. We may need more apps for older people…
Meanwhile, by the end of 2014, up to 50 million homes around the world will have two or more pay-TV subscriptions.

A few other observations:
There are a lot of open on-line education courses, but there is a very high drop-out rate. – Many visits to doctors for basic diagnosis will be on-line in future. – Gaming is competing with TV for “relaxing moments”
– Sports broadcasting rights will jump in cost by 14%. A challenge for the broadcasters is how to pass on these increases…
– Performance rights, the payment for the right to play music to the public, will exceed $1bn.
– In sub-Saharan Africa, cordless video on demand is a growing trend. Such as Box Office from DSTV.

Conclusion: A useful bit of research, but one wonders why I needed, as a delegate to a technology conference, to ask for details of the free wi-fi log-in?

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