Steady growth for Hospitality Industry

Accountants PwC today unveiled their hospitality industry outlook for ZA and a few neighbouring countries to 2018.   Lots of figures, but nothing dramatic.   The outlook, a bit like the briefing, is pedestrian. PwC’s Nikki Forster said that last year, the number of foreign visitors to ZA was up by 3.7%, faster than the increase in the ZA economy. And she predicted a slow increase in available rooms to 2018, with solid, but steady, growth for the industry.  

Tweets of the Day:

Funny Tweets (@Funny_TweetsQ): We live in a society where pizza gets to your house faster than the police.

Steve Stifler (@SteveStfler): I find it quite ironic that the most dangerous thing about weed is getting caught with it.



The slide presentation was clear, readable, and well laid out. The most interesting contributions came from a guest house owner in the audience who arrived terribly late. It wasn’t clear to me whether she was a representative of a media organisation, or had just pitched up. The catering was not five star, even though the venue was a five star hotel. It was a really boring breakfast with rather dry and tasteless rolls, and unappetising pastries. The parking at the hotel – 54 on Bath – can be a nightmare. I was unable to fit my car into the allocated space, as I would never have been able to open the door to get out. There was bizarre seating in the conference room. Tablecloths came down from top of table and were pinned to the legs, meaning it was impossible to get my own knees and legs comfortably under the table. Not my favourite venue.


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