Begg(&bacon)ing for a decent breakfast

It can’t be a matter of money.   We are convinced that the companies and organisations which invite the media and analysts to presentations and conferences pay a lot of money to the hotels and other venues where we gather.   So why is it that so many of these places serve such dire food?   We have recently been to a number of so-called five star hotels in and around Johannesburg, and are struggling to recall one pleasing meal.   How difficult is it to cook and serve a warm breakfast meal?   Too difficult at another luxury hotel, where the eggs were cold on the first attempt and tepid after we had asked them to try again. And the catering crisis does not stop at half-baked bacon and eggs. South Africa has some of the finest fresh fruit in the world.   So why do hotels sometimes serve up under-ripe melon and other fruit to their guests?   They should be showcasing what we produce, not putting people off.   And we remain speechless after being served macon and not bacon at the Hilton in Cape Town.  If other guests have an eversion to pork, that is fine by us.  But if you want us to enter the day with our sunny side up, give us eggs and real bacon, not some inferior tasting substitute.  Meanwhile, the in-house catering at Investec is normally pretty good, but an event at another financial services outfit was awful.   Cold and unappetising breakfast.  It can’t have been about the money, as they are drowning in it.  ZA Confidential now carries regular feedback on the hospitality in our coverage of key events. In a spirit of sorrow, and not in a desire to shame, we will tell you where we do and don’t eat well, and are entertained well. We now RSVP to breakfast events requesting warm bacon and eggs and brown toast.  And red wine at lunchtime and in the evening. We will let you know how we fare with the fare. After all, many of our readers host their own functions and need to know where their guests will be well fed, not fed up.   Egg us on, please. ..

Tweet of the Day:

Latie (@latiejonker): If life gives you melons… You may be dyslexic


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