Gwede the Unsteady

ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe has succeeded in shooting himself in both feet with just one utterance.

First came his attack on foreigners, saying they should not be allowed to own land in ZA. Not great timing when foreign shop-owners in SA’s townships have been the victims of looting – some of it conducted by uniformed police officers – as well as beatings and murder. Kick a man while he is down. As long as he is foreign, why don’t you?

The sheer stupidity of Mantashe’s suggestion boggles both sides of my brain. Look at the US, the UK, Singapore, Australia and – yes – South Africa too.   All of these countries achieved economic success and growth thanks to immigrants.   And no. I do not condone racism, apartheid or slavery.   There are modern examples around the world of immigrants who have enjoyed equal rights and who have excelled. As there should continue to be in ZA. And the right to own property is a basic human right, regardless of your passport or the land of your birth. It should apply to foreigners in South Africa, even to wine farm and game lodge owning parasites like Richard Branson, who we all know was shunned by Nelson Mandela for his lack of support for the birth of democracy in this country. How quickly we forget….

Then, having displayed his populist poltroon credentials towards foreigners, Gwede the unsteady turned his attention to his own people, or rather those who have managed to really prosper. He has decided there should be a ceiling on land ownership for South Africans.   Property rights are the bedrock of building business confidence, are a basic human right, but not for Mantashe. Oh, no.   You can’t be seen to be too successful in this country, even though the party’s leaders were seen pimping themselves to successful business leaders at a recent gala dinner in Cape Town. And what about Zuma’s sprawling Nkandla estate? Maybe he will be exempt from Gwede’s axe because he has so many wives? No stench of hypocrisy there.

Of course we all know why Gedede has taken leave of his senses and come up with this populist poop. He is scared of the rising popularity among the masses of Julius Malema’s EFF (Economically Fucked-up Fools). Malema cannot be seen to be the only one making false and foolhardy proposals to the electorate, because the masses may be unemployed, hungry, squalidly housed and disgruntled – but they do have one important attribute. They can vote.

For this reason, while we may not like the offensive tripe being touted by the ANC Secretary General, we do understand where he comes from. He is not as stupid as he sounds.

Tweet of the Day

Rand Daily Mail (@rdm_za): ANC moves to ban foreign buyers and limit ownership to “two farms”

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