Die Vine Intervention: Lanzerac 2012 Pioneers Pinotage

Food and drink pioneer and evangelist Michael Olivier presents another stunning Cape Red for our latest wine tasting podcast.

It is the 2012 Lanzerac Pioneers Pinotage.

John Fraser is joined in the Joburg studio by guest tasters: branding rock star Jeremy Sampson, restaurateur Dino Fagas of Pretoria’s Prosopa, Jeff Osborne from Gumtree Auto SA, and IT genius Malcolm MacDonald.

The podcast also includes a chat on how best to market ZA wines, and the role Pinotage may play in this.

Check it out….

One thought on “Die Vine Intervention: Lanzerac 2012 Pioneers Pinotage

  1. You concerns re the marketing of red wine in the rest of the world – valid.
    SA had a great reputation, which disappeared during Apartheid Sanctions. Now struggling to make it back again – due to so very many new competitor countries.
    But the marketing effort seems lacking, and the SA wines get little exposure.
    Time to rope in the expat community of Sefricans around the world, and get creative with new media (blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and get a much larger community of red wine supporters actively OUT THERE and selling.
    And yes, DIRCO needs to lodge a claim for Pinotage as a name to be protected!

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