What are the Stakes in the Domino’s Pizza War?

ZA Confidential reported earlier this week that the Financial Services Board has been asked to investigate suspicions of insider trading around the agreement that Taste Holdings reached with Domino’s Pizza to bring the US fast food brand to SA.
So what is the fuss all about? Why does Taste want a slice of the pizza pie?
It was quite a coincidence that in the same week as I attended a Taste presentation, at which we were updated on Domino’s arrival in SA, a flyer came through the letter box suggesting there was a new pizza outlet near my home. I had to give it a go.
In fact, it gave prices but no locations, so I had to look up the number online.
After five phone calls, I finally managed to get a sales lady who could hear me, and with a further two calls back to me from her, I managed to place my order.
However, she was not aware of price of the promotion I was ordering, and it later emerged that she had failed to spell my street name right. A far more efficient supervisor took over, I had to place the order yet again from the start, but it got better after that. The pizza was delivered in good time, was still warm, and tasted OK.
I assume that once this new outlet has settled down, it will get better phone connection and put people on the phone who are properly trained.

Of course, this was just one transaction, with dozens of Domino’s outlets being rolled out. At the end of this month, there will be 32 stores; at the end of August this will have almost doubled to 62. This business will be highly profitable. They don’t sell steaks, but the stakes are high.

Another Fun Tweet:
Sarcasm (@TheFunnyTeens): you’re as relevant as the letter “K” in knife

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