New 10 Minute Rule. Get to the Point or I Leave.

OK. I admit that I may be a bit intolerant. However, when someone invites me to an event, I expect it to start on time, and that whoever is in charge will get to the wheat without an excess of chaff first. Hence my decision to leave two events early…in two days. The first was hosted by SACCI, to announce the new head of the business organisation. Admittedly it started only slightly late, but the President of the organisation chose this occasion to demonstrate his Olympic-level skill at saying nothing in a very large number of words. Had I been hosting the event, I would have started with an information sheet (one was e-mailed several hours later) and allowed the new boss of this business body to give a proper assessment of the challenges facing business, and how he plans to handle them. As it was, I got to lunch early, and a damm good pizza it was, too.
Today’s event was the important release of new info on SMEs in SA, and my earlier piece on this is on the ZA Confidential website. I got there by 9.30, as that was the time on the invitation, but nothing happened until 10, when instead of IT expert Arthur Goldstuck, who is an excellent speaker, the event kicked off with an awfully boring business coach, whose droning ability would make him an asset in the US war against terror. After 10 minutes, feeling at threat of my vital organs shutting down in protest, I left. Once again I was early for my pizza.
I have recently decided on a rule for attending events. If they don’t get to the point fast, I point myself towards the car park. Unless the event is of vital importance, I wait 10 minutes and if nothing of value has happened, I then leave. Same if it starts late – and government ministers are the worst.
In coffee shops and restaurants, if I am ignored for 10 minutes or more, there is no tip. If I ask for the bill and there is no rush to bring it to me, it is the same story.
Now, I am not claiming that my campaign for rapid delivery of worthy info at events, and for even more rapid delivery of my morning coffee, is going to change the world.
But we all have a limited time on this planet. So if you do not get to the point fast, and control your presentations to the pithy, you will see my least attractive feature – my backside – as I pith off through the door.
After all, why get very bored when there is pizza calling?

Tweet of the Day:
Natalie Andrew (@NatalieAndrew): @mynameisjerm: So basically anyone can walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, the real challenge is someone else’s socks. 😋

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