Thoughts on the Belgian Attacks and on Chris Hart

Belgian Attacks

I have been working from home a lot.   This basically means drinking a lot of tea and watching a lot of telly.  So I was able to follow the Brussels bombings for several hours yesterday, on Sky, Belgian TV and French TV.

Having worked in some of the buildings near the Metro station which was hit, and seeing them on the TV screen, it brought home to me how these attacks were so close to my old haunts.   And Zaventem airport is a place from which I departed on many memorable trips while I was based in Brussels.

I am not shocked by the reports of dissent and the fostering of terrorists in the immigrant neighbourhoods of Brussels, having lived in such a neighbourhood myself.   And from my own observations, I have noticed that many Belgians are not always benign about their North African neighbours, or their descendants.  Or very welcoming.

However, I was rather disturbed by attitude of the Sky TV vultures who descended on Brussels, as they had done upon Paris after the attacks there.    Maybe I was just being hyper-sensitive, but the tone of some of the coverage suggested that the Belgians had brought this upon themselves.  Belgian and French TV coverage was a lot more objective.,

Now, I may be wrong, but I have always believed that the terrorists and not the targets are the ones we should blame for the atrocities.   Maybe the Belgian security services were a bit lax, but remember that they have just captured the mastermind behind the Paris attacks, so they can’t be all that useless.

Of course, a good response to all of my moaning is that if the Sky TV coverage annoyed me, I should have just turned it off.   And after a while I did.    Bloody Belgians.

Chris Hart

I haven’t seen the very impressive Chris Hart since he left Standard Bank, after much excitement over a tweet which some believed was racist, although it clearly wasn’t.

However, I see that now he has resigned he is out and about again, and we must all welcome the return to the public stage of one of our finest commentators on economics and on the way this country is being (badly) run.

The best news is that now he has escaped the Standard Bank shackles, Chris is now free to speak freely, and anyone with a love of South Africa should take advantage of this.   If he does not soon embark on a crowded schedule of speaking engagements, there will be something very wrong with those responsible for hiring worthwhile speakers.    I know I cannot wait to attend his next presentation, however disturbing his analysis may be.


Tweet of the Day:

Shit Jokes (@ShitJokes):  My Mrs reckons she can tell how good a film is by how many tissues she goes through when watching it. Funnily enough, I have a similar system!

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