Please let the SAA Chairman Fly Other Airlines.

What a laugh.   Those reports that the less-than-impressive SAA Chairman Dudu Myeni had been spotted on a British Airways flight were a wonderful reminder of about how clueless and arrogant these parastatal parasites are when it comes to reputational damage.   To be fair, though, there’s not much more she can do to damage the reputation of leech-like SAA, an even bigger drain on the national purse than our beloved President.

Were I her spin doctor (our should that be tailspin doctor?) I would have said it was all part of a benchmarking exercise.  She wanted to see how BA do things so she can learn lessons of what is good and less good about SAA. One is tempted, though, to believe the reports that she flew SAA because it offered business class comfort on a route where cattle class was the most the state’s rival service could come up with.

What would I suggest?  I would give Myeni and all the other SAA Board members and execs the right to fly any airline any time, when on official business.  There would be just one catch.   No first class; no business class.   Just the cramped misery of economy.

Let them stop eating cake, and instead get them to taste the pig swill the rest of us are served after being shoe-horned into our economy class seats.   Let them join the long queues for the toilets, read the vomit-spattered in-flight mags which have been there for days or even weeks.

In short.  Let them suffer.

Then just maybe they might concentrate less on plundering the public purse, and more on boosting staff morale, refining the food to humane standards, and finding ways to provide comfortable conditions for the many of us who are larger than four foot tall.

And who knows, if the Board Room chairs are more comfortable than those instruments of torture which they expect the rest of us to occupy, then maybe, just maybe, they will attend a few more Board Meetings?

If they can’t rescue SAA, then let it crash into oblivion.   Then we will have no problem with Ms Myeni flying BA, or whatever other airline she chooses.  She will have saved us billions.

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