Can We Toque? Alfie’s


I do love good food.   So when a house-guest recently asked where I would like to go for dinner, as a way of thanking me for his stay, it wasn’t hard to suggest we went to Alfie’s in Hazelwood in Pretoria.
This family restaurant does everything I like: simple but delicious grub.
The wine list is pretty limited, but we opted for a really enjoyable bottle: the Saronsberg Provenance 2015 Shiraz.  It went well with everything we ordered.   It went too fast!  It died too young.
Alfie’s has a small, but well-chosen menu, and also a series of daily specials.   Three of us were dining, and two of us opted for the ravioli, beautifully stuffed with cheeses and brinjals, in a rosé cream sauce.
The other starter was also a pasta dish from the specials – raviolini stuffed with hake.
Both choices were correctly al dente, superbly flavoured.   Excellent.
Unfortunately, I was pretty peckish on arrival, so gobbled up a couple of slices of the really tasty focaccia bread.  I loved it, although it would have been perfect if it had been warmed through.   This took the edge off my appetite, but I can hardly blame the restaurant for my own greed.
I thought I would give the risotto with bell peppers a go, and was very happy.  It was quite rich, but rightly so, beautifully creamy – and the rice was superbly cooked.
The others had veal escalopes with ham and cheese, and the salmon.    All good.   The veal and fish were both tasty and well prepared.
Only one of us had room for a dessert – the tiramisu – which was good and vanished at an impressive pace.
There is no pretention at Alfie’s, and our waitress was friendly and efficient, despite the place being packed with groups of happy diners.
I wasn’t paying, but believe the bill for three came to around R1 500.
Alfie’s is part of a small empire of restaurants in Pretoria’s flourishing ‘The Village’ cluster and is just a block away from the excellent Alfie’s Pizzeria, which has a different menu but demonstrates the same attention to quality.  You won’t find a better pizza in Pretoria.
My rating?  4.5*
Key to the Ratings….
1*    Dog food is nicer
2*.  Cat food is nicer
3*.  Not bad if Woolworths is sold out of ready meals.
4*.  I like it
5*.  I love it.  Not to be missed.

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