Can we Toque? Review of Fego, Nicolway

Fego, Nicolway

Don’t get me wrong.   I am no food snob.   One of the most delightful treats for me is to find that uninspiring-looking Indian shop which makes brilliant Samosas, a downtrodden Portuguese joint with perfect prawns, a greasy burger joint which offers a brilliant bite.

So I am always happy to nosh in a place which is more a caff than a restaurant.  With the single proviso…that it must be good.

I was happy to meet up recently for lunch with my biker mate Jeff at the Fego caff in the Nicolway mall.

The menu, I think, had a choice of four wines.  We went for the red.  A Durbanville Hills Merlot.  Enjoyable.

However, this is the land of great wines.  Even a few specials would have been appreciated.  If you have a license to serve booze, why not do so with imagination?

He ordered a chicken in lemon, served on couscous.   A generous portion.  Should have been called couscouscous.

I went for the special, which turned out to be anything but – the Chicken Fajita.

The tortilla was so dry and tasteless that I suspect I would have had more fun had I piled the filling on the menu.

It came with guacamole (tasteless) sour cream (tasteless). A few other unattractive blobs of stuff, and shrivelled little chunks of very-dry chicken.   Awful and tasteless.

When asked whether I was enjoying my meal, I asked why they had a special which was so awful, and was promised a free pudding in compensation for my torment.

We each had a slice of carrot cake, which was nice and moist, tasty, but so large that it was off-putting.     Less would have been more.  Much less.

The carrot cake (which we had been offered, remember) was nonetheless slapped on the bill.  An indication of the feeble level of service, customer care, and attention to detail.

Will I be back to Fego?   Feget it!

Rating:  I give it a 2*
Key to the Ratings….
1*    Dog food is nicer
2*.  Cat food is nicer
3*.  Not bad if Woolworths is sold out of ready meals.
4*.  I like it
5*.  I love it.  Not to be missed.

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