A weekend whinge. Armed response.


When to pay?

By John Fraser

Am I being difficult?   Probably.   Am I right?    I think so.

Living in a country where police protection is a privatised service, performed by private security firms, one places a ridiculously high level of trust in one’s armed response company.

Mine was getting a bit slack, failed to replace the sign on the front gate, seemed to charge more and more each year.  So I quit.

Not cheap, when you consider that they demanded a full calendar month’s notice, and are still billing me for a service I have cancelled.

The new bunch – initially – seemed a lot better, and were willing to perform a small repair.  And then it got messy.

They insist on an up-front deposit for the work, and won’t start it until I have paid this over.

I insist that I will willingly pay, once the work is completed to my satisfaction.  I have had experience of shoddy contractors before, and, after all, if it comes to a confrontation, they are the ones with guns.

So, stalemate.

Who is right, and who is wrong?  This is getting silly.

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