We really can do without a Cyril Stamp

It is not often that we see an intelligent bloke associate himself with a bunch of idiots, but our President has done just that.

I am not referring to his Cabinet Colleagues, however tempting that may be, but to Ramaphosa’s participation in a ceremony to unveil the new Cyril Stamp.

Does he deserve a postage stamp displaying his image?

I don’t really care a lot, but I suppose so. At least it is one thing you can give to a billionaire, who can afford pretty much anything else.

But….. And it is a big but. I just cannot bear to see him sharing a ceremony with the Post Office.

It is not an institution which has the respect of many of us. Delayed home deliveries. Parcels going missing. And when you enter a Post Office branch, it has a Medieval feel. Judging from their disposition and manner, you wonder whether the staff have been employed…or enslaved?

And what can one say of a stamp? Pretty things. I once collected them.

But when did I last buy a stamp? Dunno. May have been a year ago; maybe longer.

The Post Office does efficiently hand out vehicle licence documents. And it has been given a vital role in the distribution of Social Grants. Which makes me very, very nervous indeed.

Possibly the one big benefit of the new Cyril stamp is that it will have so few using it to pay for postage that it may soon become a collectable rarity.

But to mingle the Ramaphosa Brand with the Post Office Brand?

Really, Mr President. What were you thinking?

I am afraid your latest association with the Post Office does not get the ZA Confidential stamp of approval.

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