Time for the Cyril shuffle


Show us your shuffle, Cyril

By John Fraser

Our hardworking and hard-walking President is now in Germany, and I do hope they give him a few hours off for some much-deserved beer and sausages.

The Investment Conference on Friday gave him a platform to sell SA, and he did so very commendably.

However, sitting in a breakaway session of the conference, it was noteworthy to see two of our most reviled ministers on the platform. Both are believed to have been active state capturers, yet both we were referred to by the MC as “honourable”. Pass the sick bag, Mabel.

There has been much talk of the need for a Cabinet reshuffle, which will hopefully reduce the number of ministries, and send some of our more crooked politicians scuttling under the nearest rock.

One suggestion is that we get rid of the deputy ministers. How about we keep all those deputies who we can readily name? That should clear the decks quite comprehensively.

If ministries do get the chop, my prime candidates would be anything in the Presidency, apart from Cyril himself, the feeble Small Business bunch, and the Communications portfolio, mainly so we can see the back of the current incumbent.

Getting rid of the Deputy President position would also be a useful way of removing another member of the awful old guard.

Will it happen? The President holds a precarious position in the ANC, where the corrupt forces of evil still hold a lot of power. So maybe he will have to hold on to some of the shits, as he did when first he named his current Cabinet.

But whether or not it will happen, it damn well should.

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