So what if you are offended? Don’t support the censorship of Steve Hofmeyr.

Steve Hofmeyr has every reason to frown

By John Fraser

Racial concerns, fear, paranoia and justified outrage are still a part of everyday life in SA and are likely to stay so.

Just as many of we whites find offensive and scary the racist rants of little Julius Malema, so, too, do many blacks feel that Afrikaans singer Steve Hofmeyr projects an anti-black, racist persona. Both have been labelled racist. For all I know, either – or both – may have a strong case to answer.

This is understandable, such concerns are not unique to South Africa, and I will not pretend to know the deepest thoughts of these two controversial personalities, however much they may or may not turn out to disgust us all.

What I do know is that just as it is so, so easy to criticise, to punish, to bully, to censor, it is also so, so dangerous.

We all know of the vile behaviour of actor Kevin Spacey, but I am not sure I wanted him booted off our screens. Call me selfish, but I think the last series of House of Cards was far worse without his menacing portrayal of a deeply corrupt politician.

And I fail to see how any viewer watching this prog or any other of his superb performances should be accused of approving his sexually predatory private life. Art is art, and groping is not.

An even more repellent showbiz type Harvey Weinstein is rightly in the Hollywood doghouse, but I suspect western culture would be much worse off if we were to pull the plug on all the productions with which he has been associated.

If he has done all he has been accused of having done, he should be locked up. His sweaty porky paws and protruding penis are vile. But if we were to delete, censor, obliterate every work of art created by someone whose character or utterances or sexual predation or racist views are offensive….who would be left?

MultiChoice, you bullying shits, you cannot be so selective in targeting Oom Steve.

Perhaps you have not always behaved 100% ethically yourselves, you have not always broadcast the finest art, the noblest creations of man and woman, and it is a disgrace that your hounding and censorship of all past and future output of one of this country’s most popular singers should go unchallenged?

I have little interest in much of the material broadcast by these satellite sods, but I do subscribe so I can access the stuff that interests me.

The more the competition is allowed to thrive, the closer I will come to cancelling my monthly subscription.  I eagerly await the day when I can cease to take it and can leave it.

After all, I am sure I could buy stacks of Steve Hofmeyr CDs, DVDs and concert tickets with the money I will save.

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