What’s the beef about bacon?

Coming to an outlet near you?

By John Fraser

Thank you, Burger King, for having saved my bacon.

For some time I have been grumbling that the Halaal designation of this burger chain, which I regard as far superior to its fast-food rivals, has meant no bacon in the burgers.

This is annoying to those of us who believe that no religious group should dictate what, where or when we eat.

So bravo to BK for announcing that bacon will be introduced in some of their SA restaurants.

They will also be making an effort to expand their Halaal offerings.

Don’t get me wrong.  If someone wishes to avoid bacon on the basis of some archaic religious dietary laws which were adopted by ignorant middle-eastern nomads many centuries before the hamburger came into being, then I am happy to let this happen.

As long this absurd rationing is not imposed on me.

Meanwhile, one development which I find bizarre and ludicrous is the decision that in future BK won’t call its hamburgers ’hamburgers’.

Nope, they will now be called burgers – on the outrageous grounds that they contain no ham.

That may be true, but shepherd’s pie contains no shepherd (I hope).  Ratatouille contains no rat.  Toad in the hole is toad-free.  And don’t get me started on cumquats.

To try to lean so far backwards in attempting to avoid offence that you could win a limbo competition….seems bizarre.

I think the only thing that will calm my frazzled nerves is a good hamburger.  With extra bacon.

This may condemn me to damnation, but at least this condemned man’s last meal will be bloody delicious.

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One thought on “What’s the beef about bacon?

  1. Hi John,

    Very glad to see that you are still stirring greatly!

    Best regards, Michael

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