Has Cyril signalled his own vulnerability or the death of Davos?

Resident President Cyril Ramaphosa

By John Fraser

The annual yawn-fest in Davos will have a few fewer VIP visitors next week.

It is not often I have a word of praise for the vile Boris Johnson, but I did applaud the announcement that he will not be heading for the alpine posing parade.

Now, we learn that President Cyril Ramaphosa has done something that Boris rarely does. He has pulled out.

Not just from Davos but also from an investment conference in London.

But why?

His Trade and Industry Minister Ebrahim Patel and Finance Minister Tito Mboweni invited the media to a baconless breakfast briefing this week, stressing that there is good news about SA and that the problems are being addressed.   The message at Davos will be a bullish one.   It may be spun into the stratosphere, but it will be reassuring.

Now, Cyril had no problem recently in flying halfway around the world to watch a rugby match in Japan and seems to spend a good chunk of his time on trips.  

He has no fear of flying.

Possibly he is very fearful of his political pals.   The ANC remains as divided over policy as the British Conservative Party was over Brexit (until Boris pedalled to the rescue).

Continuing commie calls for the nationalisation of the Reserve Bank, an Energy Minister who seems allergic to private-sector power generation and a residual stench of state-capture-lust hang like a maggot-ridden rotting corpse over the ANC.

And then there is Davos itself.

A self-indulgent, preening event which still has some relevance but which has lost its sparkle.

Of course, it still offers the chance for business and political leaders to chat and to do deals.  I hear it will offer one climate-obsessed Nordic schoolgirl the chance to once again play truant.

But business and political folk can find many other warmer places to swap notes.  The restrooms at Heathrow Airport?  The fringes of the oh so many other international Summits, gathering and VIP funerals which they tend to attend. in their droves

Oh, and there is always Skype.  It doesn’t offer air miles or a decent wine list, but it is good value, even if you have to pay SA’s highly-inflated rip-off data charges.

Risking ice-induced broken limbs and the wrath of the climate-change brats, the SA delegates who attend will each get a free scarf.    So they are happy to represent the country, while Cyril is grounded.

Cyril’s job seems to be on the line from the troglodyte wing of the ANC, so he has wisely decided to forgo the free scarf.

It might be very wise for him to stay at home, to continue the fight, to watch his back.

For if he fails, no amount of bullish bullshit in London or Davos will save this country, which would tailspin into economic misery if the relatively-reassuring Ramaphosa is toppled.

He may lose out on a few air miles, but it is a small price to pay.

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