Canned wine? Why not?

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Pull the ring, then drink the thing

By John Fraser

They were more innocent times.  The dark clouds of the Chinese Pandemic, as Trump loves to call it, were just starting to waft their way towards us.

We still thought that Ramaphosa and his team were relatively benign, and had no idea that we had a police minister with a hint of the jackboot about him.

So we recorded a wine-tasting podcast, blindly oblivious to the prohibition to come for South Africa.  Take it as we meant it. A bit of fun…..

And let us hope that political diktats start to evaporate, that uncivil erosions of civil liberties are cast-aside, and that we can all return to relishing the wonders of the SA booze industry.

For our podcast, recorded pre-horror, we tried two cans of wine from Ben Wren.  His Red Blend and the Sauvignon Blanc.

There was a bit of confusion over price, but that just made it more enjoyable.

So turn your back to the current horrors, and take a listen.

I was joined by our Guru Michael Olivier, canny-with-a-can Scotsman Chris Gilmour, technical wizz-kid Malcolm MacDonald and the Sage himself: Jeremy (call me Jezza) Sampson.

Click below to travel back to a happier time…

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