Podcast wine tasting: a White and a Rosé from CanCan

                                            Give it a go go….

By John Fraser

Apologies all round.  With no end in sight to the insane lockdown-linked prohibition in SA, many drinks cabinets are bare, as the Cabinet’s barbarians  seem to think that the virus can be toppled by misery and sobriety.

However, we recorded this podcast in happier days, and hope it will soon be possible for us all to again go out and buy the wines we glugged. 

Michael Olivier was on full guru setting, and introduced us to a White and a Rosé from CanCan, both (in case you hadn’t guessed) in cans.

The reaction was a tad mixed, but on balance it was thought that the packaging was pretty irrelevant, and that the wine was up to standard.

The tasting panel was plucked from a passing prison van.   Malcolm MacDonald from Clientele was joined by analyst Chris Gilmour and brander Jeremy (anyone seen Delilah?) Sampson.

So pull the ring on the top and see what a fine, fun podcast we have in the can: 

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