Tito raids the national vaults to bail out SAA

Toto the Taxer

By John Fraser

Were anyone to ever refer to it fondly, the Medium-Term Budgetary Policy Statement (MTBPS) would be fondly known as the Mini-Budget.

If you are sitting in the executive cock(up)pit of SAA, today’s Mini-Budget represented yet another budget bonanza for the ultra-profligate.

Already in recession, the SA economy has been booted into deep depression by the C-19 pandemic. 

The economy is expected to contract by 7.8% this year, while unemployment shoots up. 

In global terms, economic despair is the one thing we are really, really good at.

Yet the budget contains another massive cash injection for parasitic parastatal SAA:  R6.5bn to pay its debts and interest – plus a further R10.5bn to implement its business rescue plan.

It is, of course, an open secret that the SAA barmy bonuses reflect a defeat for Finance Minister Tito Mboweni, who failed to stop the fools in the ANC from allowing him to just kick the national disgrace of a national airline into a remote hanger, lock the door and throw away the key.

Instead, money which could be so, so, so better spent elsewhere – cash which we don’t really have in the first place – is being tossed into the flaming jet engines of SAA, to keep thing fuelled until they next demand a bailout.

And they will.

I am not sure whether they are running any flights.  But why should an airline have to transport people or goods to deserve R17b? 

This is, after all, an Alice in Wonderland world.

If you replace “an Alice in Wonderland world” with “a shit-storm of note”.

One positive note – if you are a true believer in an Alice in Wonderland world – is a determination by Tito the Tax Tyrant to cut the state’s terminally-obese wage bill by freezing the wages of public servants.

I will believe he can succeed at that as soon as I see pigs fly.  (Or SAA planes.)

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