Fledge & Co Jikken Bareru Sauvignon Blanc

Jikken Bareru Sauvignon Blanc

By John Fraser

Time for another podcast from the ZA Confidential team, where we tuck in to a Fledge & Co Jikken Bareru Sauvignon Blanc, presented by walking food and wine encyclopedia Michael Olivier.

Once again, our drooling palates belong to broadcaster Cobus Bester, economist Mike Schussler, IT consultant Malcolm MacDonald, and airline executive Glenn Orsmond.

As well as an examination of this enjoyable Cape white, we also delve into the merits of remote work.

As I have mentioned throughout this batch of podcasts, I am putting these out a while after Mike Schussler lost his battle against cancer. This recording session was the last time I saw him.

Mike was a superb economist, with a magical talent for looking at numbers and interpreting them in an easily understandable way. But he was more than that. He was a generous, kind, thoughtful and lovable person, and one of the very best people with whom to enjoy a long, lingering, liquid lunch.

This set of podcasts is a tribute to Mike, to whom we all raise a glass. He is sorely missed.

Glen Orsmond had his own challenges when airlines Kulula and the regional British Airways collapsed, after his efforts to find new funding had failed.

However, these were happier times, and we celebrate the time we spent together.

Click below to listen in to the chat

Meanwhile, it is not too late to seek out Michael Olivier’s latest cookbook, which is a celebration of South African cuisine:

An excellent choice for any time of the year

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