Solid Results from Bidvest

Bidvest reported a 14.9 increase in revenue, with normalised headline earnings a share up 15.4 percent for the year to June.

CEO Brian Joffey says the hostile Adcock Ingram acquisition is “a work in process. The shareholders will finally make the decision. Time will tell.”

Already a global force, Africa is seen as an important area for Bidvest’s expansion. What did our experts have to say?

Today’s ZA Confidential included comments from Lavan Gopaul and Ron Klipin.

Tweets of the day:

Nein. (@NeinQuarterly): A nihilist and a nihilist walk into a bar. Nothing happens.

Chester Missing (@chestermissing): What’s the difference between a revolution and a coup? A coup is a revolution without US backing.

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