Uplift in Growth

The South African economy is growing, albeit slowly. Stats out today show that quarter on quarter growth in the second quarter of 2013 was 3% (up from 0.9% in Q1), with the annual growth number of 2%. This is not enough to do much for job creation, but at least the second quarter was better than the first.

Today’s ZA Confidential includes expert comment from Chris Hart, Mike Schussler, Sizwe Nxedlana, the DA and Nedbank.

Tweets of the day:

Joel Ingersoll (@FlyoverJoel): I’ve crunched the numbers and it’s cheaper to start your own octopus farm than to buy retail printer ink.

Fake Dispatch (@Fake_Dispatch): Military experts say that the United States has no sliver bullet against Syria. This means that if Syria is a werewolf, we are screwed.

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