More Arguments Against a Ban on all Drink Before Driving

The really fun part of writing ZA Confidential comes when other people write it for me.     In response to my recent piece blasting moronic government plans to outlaw all drink before driving, my good chum John Mare, a retired diplomat of some distinction, sent me this note, which I really should share…..

“This is a crazy idea which will finish restaurants, shopping centres, tourism, the restaurant sector, and our quality of life. Possibly only corrupt cops will benefit.   It is bad enough that they are already thinking of new laws to inhibit, or even stop, advertising for cigarettes, alcohol and so on – thereby inhibiting freedom of expression and diversification in life quality, along with damage to the SA restaurant and tourism sectors. I wonder how I can get people to understand that wine, for example, is part of gracious living – and red wine is prescribed by doctors (in moderation as with everything).   They think no one can discipline themselves, but this argument could be extended to many other areas.   In particular, they cite the link between alcohol and drunken driving.   But – wait for it – they allow motor car companies to blatantly advertise how fast their cars can go! How is it possible to sell or advertise cars that go up to 240 kilometres per hour in a country where the speed limit is 120 kph?   Surely they should only be allowed to sell cars that can reach speeds of, say, less than 140 kph?  Maybe all car adverts should be banned, and all cars – driving to a maximum of 140 kph – should be uniform proletarian dull grey, with no insignia?   Think of it….   The spotlight is supposedly focused on drunk driving, but bad driving at high speed in non-roadworthy vehicles kills many more. And no one wants to tackle the real root of the problem.”

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