AECI Gives James Bond a Big Bang

Let’s face it.  There is a bit too much bad news around these days.   So I was delighted to hear of something we should all be proud of – in a very unexpected place.

It was the AECI results presentation this week, and as well as the usual financial slides and divisional reporting, there was a video section devoted to the James Bond movie, SPECTRE.

The scene which was highlighted featured a very big explosion – believed to be the largest ever in a movie.

As Daniel Craig and some Bond babe looked down, a whole complex went up in flame. The earth moved, and Craig’s features almost showed some expression.

So what was AECI’s role?

Well. They are known for providing explosives, and for Spectre they provided the blasting caps and timers to ensure the Bond explosion went to plan, with a big, big, big bang and lots of flame.

South African technology in the desert of Morocco for a film about a British secret agent?

Bravo AECI.

Tweet of the Day:

Irrationally Calm (@dire_beard): [Russian Roulette] *hammer lands on empty chamber* Damnit! I never win anything

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