Can We Toque?     Lupa Osteria, Fourways



I am firmly of the belief that it is more important to have good food than to be subjected to a pretentious and overpriced experience.  Give me foams and smears of stuff on the plate, and I will frown.  Give me honest, well-cooked, food and I will beam with delight.

Lupa Osteria in the Design Quarter in Fourways was an excellent choice when I met my mate Mr J for a business lunch.   It’s a very clean, modern looking Italian, with an open kitchen and pizza ovens.    It has a fairly standard menu of pizzas, pastas and more substantial dishes.   There’s a pretty well- chosen wine list, with a few tempting bottles.  The high mark-ups are not unusual for Jo’burg, and I was pleased to see a selection of wine by the glass.

There was a warmish welcome, but it was a cold day and every time the door was opened, an unpleasant draft came through the place.

We both started with ham and melon.   The former was delicious and the portion generous, but the melon was a tad under-ripe.

For the main course, I opted for the Saltimbocca with parmesan chips. The dish was a bit too salty but nicely cooked.   But the parmesan chips?  Oh, dear. They were courgettes, not the expected potatoes, and were soggy rather than crisp.  Big fail.

The other main was from the specials menu and was chicken breast with spinach.  It was good.

We shared a bottle of Villiera Merlot, which was a good choice. And went well with the food.

And to finish, we shared a Tiramisu.  It tasted good, but had a rather dense texture.  And it was a rather mean portion.

With two coffees, the bill came to R703, before the tip.

There were some flaws in the food, but it was welcoming place, and I enjoyed my lunch.

Rating:  I give it 4*

Key to the Ratings….

1*    Dog food is nicer

2*.  Cat food is nicer

3*.  Not bad if Woolworths is sold out of ready meals.

4*.  I like it

5*.  I love it.  Not to be missed.

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