Data delight or data deception?

There has been little reason to love our service providers in recent years.  Surveys have shown that we are using less airtime and a lot more data, and our charges are very high by international standards. If data were ludicrously cheap, as opposed to ludicrously overpriced, it is a fair bet that business communications and home entertainment in South Africa would be a lot more impressive.
I have complained in the past about the expiry of airtime and data.   You buy the stuff and have a month to use it.  You don’t use; you lose.   Completely.   It vanishes, never to be seen again.   A rip off?  You bet.
On Friday, I was made aware of another – more subtle – rip off.   Telkom hosted the media in one of Johannesburg’s least glamourous venues to tell us about their new uncapped data packages.
The Telkom geek who hosted us described this promotion as a game changer, and I am sure it will be for many people.
Depending on how much you pay, you can choose a speed and stream away uncapped.  Or not.
However, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  And it is.
The catch is that you get the data to stream at the speed for which you have paid UNTIL Telkom decides you have breached your “fair use” limit.   Then the brakes come on, and it slows down.
I am happy to be believe assurances that for most users, this unfair fair usage policy will not be triggered.
But the fact it is exists suggests yet another underhand way of selling something and then neglecting to fully deliver.
Shame on you, Telkom.  Shame.
The wine at the function was good, but the venue was a sad and drab place.  I had one bite of the cold, solid chicken and left.   The lunch catering put a big cap on my normally uncapped appetite.   The Woolies sandwich on the way home was much nicer.
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