Another podcast venture into the world of SA wine: Kershaw Elgin Chardonnay 2018

Wot a stunner!

By John Fraser

The intrepid podcast team is back, this time with a premium South African wine which will not only blow your socks off, but may dislodge your sandals as well.

It is the 2018 Kershaw Elgin Chardonnay, a Cape gem.

Food and wine writer, author, chef and trapeze artist Michael Olivier uncorked the stuff, and served it to EY Cova’s Duane Newman and IT consultant Malcolm MacDonald.

We also had a substantive chat about Michael’s new South African cookbook, which now can be found in all good kitchens.

Click below and give the podcast a listen:

NB: Michael Oliver’s cookbook is unmissable and is flying off the shelves in the stores:

An excellent choice for any time of the year

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