ZA Confidential Wine Tasting Podcast: Silverthorn Jewel Box

A classic Cape bubbly

By John Fraser

We are back with a pop. Popping the cork on a lovely Cape bubbly – so excellent the jealous French won’t let us call it Champagne, so it had to be christened a ‘Cap Classique’.

Food and wine legend Michael Olivier introduces the bubbly to branding expert Jeremy Sampson, economist and entrepreneur Chris Hart, broadcaster Cobus Bester and IT executive Malcolm MacDonald.

The panel chats about the naming of bubbly wines and how to get the consumer to fully appreciate our fine Cape wines.

Meanwhile, do seek out Michael Olivier’s latest cookbook, which is a wonderful celebration of South African cuisine. If you already have one, buy lots more for all your friends.

An excellent choice for any time of the year

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